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Pasture Raised Pigs......

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What Green and Sustainable policies does Flying Pig Roast have?
Since 1988 we have continually implemented Eco-Friendly practices, doing our part to keep it green!
We are 100% SOLAR POWERED! In October 2016 we installed 45 Solar panels on our roof.
We reclaim our Apple Wood, before it was a discarded by-product from a local Apple orchard
We locally source Seasonal produce and other New York State products
We use Local produce including Corn, Potatoes, Apples, Strawberries, Cabbage, Onions and Carrots
We use New York State produced Maple Syrup, Honey, Butter, Milk, Cream & Cheese
We compost our organics for use on our Micro Farm to grow a lot of our own produce
We use Trailers whenever possible, an average fuel savings of 80% over using a second vehicle
We offer biodegradable and recyclable single service ware made from Fallen Palm Frons
We have local staff in most areas and when they have to travel, they carpool
We schedule all of our appointments geographically, close to each other, on the same day
We limit and recycle all office waste
This website is 100% wind powered!

A Few of the 55 steps we take to create your Competition Grade Pig Roast.......

Our pigs are raised on small Amish family farms in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

We are very proud of our Pasture Raised Pigs! Our pigs are naturally raised without the use of antibiotics or steroids. Pasture raised pork costs more because it puts the pigs welfare first. Low stressed pigs just make more sense. Pigs are allowed to graze & root in large green pastures. We order only fully dressed FRESH inspected pigs, not less costly frozen factory raised pigs.

It takes 3-4 hours just to prepare one of our pigs for smoking. We inject gallons of our "Secret Cider Brine" into the meat, a time consuming step skipped by most caterers.  We score and season the skin along the flanks to produce a crispy Peppered Pork Belly Bacon (see our pig pics). We rub the inside with our homemade Devil Dust seasoning. We rub the outside with extra virgin Olive Oil, Kosher Salt & Fresh Ground Black Pepper. We use only locally sourced, hand harvested Apple wood for smoking. We start smoking your pig 24-36 hours before your event. Our unique custom indirect heat smokers are designed to slowly smoke and cook your pig at 185 to 225 degrees.  Smoking at this low temp prevents the pig from drying out and getting tough.

Only when your pig is fully cooked, determined by a high tech digital thermometer is it ready to serve. But not before decorating, this is where we have a little creative fun, so please try to challenge us with a theme!

For most weddings and indoor events we usually bring your Pig Roast to a prepared buffet table (this is great for your guests). After almost 30 years of catering Pig Roast events we are still amazed on how excited people get the first time they see a Whole Roast Pig! Your guests will ask the Chef questions, take pictures & pose(this step saves time during serving) Next come a Flying Pig Roast exclusive, the "Ceremonial First Cut".  For a wedding it mimics a cake cutting ceremony, that is if the cake was made of bacon! The couple will hold the knife together and make a simple cut, each take out a small piece of tender pork and feed each other, a very fun and often funny photo and video opt! Kissing the pig is another popular request done on birthdays.

Now we are ready to serve your Pig Roast. Your guests will quickly work their way through your buffet. When they get to the pig one of our expert Chef Carvers will give your guest a variety of the 4 main food groups shoulder butt, Loin. Ham and everyone favorite the Pork Belly BACON! After serving the pig can be left for self serve seconds (and thirds) Or we can break down the pig for you. Call today to see if your date is open!

Flying Pig Roast can help you with any and all of your catering needs!
Five Cities to Serve you better.....
Syracuse & Oswego (315) 703-3030

     Ithaca & the Finger Lakes (607) 330-1733

         Rochester  (585) 672-5277

             Buffalo (716) 566-6166

                 Albany (518) 937-9277
Not near a location? Don't worry we travel all over the north east, just ask!
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